Arawaza WKF Approved Japanese Style Kata Belts

$39.00 inc GST.

Width: 1 3/4”

Designed for Kata these belts meet the highest standards of Japanese quality.
100% Cotton, Superior quality fabric, 11 rows of stitching & an inner core made of one solid piece of woven tape.

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Arawaza WKF Approved Japanese Style Kata Belts

Unlike most other belt brands made with a multi-layer inner core, Arawaza black belts have a single woven cotton tape, custom made with different thicknesses specific to each belt (medium, extra thick, deluxe, master etc…) This is just one main feature, among many others, that makes all Arawaza black belts unique on the market.

Designed by our own staff and manufactured exclusively for our company, these belts feature 10 to 12 lines of precise stitching, with a single piece woven cotton core, covered by the highest quality 100% cotton, satin or silk fabric. They are designed for professional use and they embroider beautifully.

The traditional karate belt may not look like very much, but a great deal actually goes into its manufacturing. Our belts are sewn with ten to twelve lines of stitching along its entire length, with nicely finished ends, using a single needle machine, creating a flexible and very strong belt. Well constructed, it will not show a tendency to twist when it is folded (caused by stitching of unequal tension and/or lines of stitching unequally spaced) and will stay secure.

Extra Special Features

By having a core of one single layer of woven cotton tape, custom made with different thicknesses specific to each belt, Arawaza belts are:

  • Stronger
  • Ideal thickness
  • Perfectly even in width and length
  • Free of bumps and imperfections
  • Don’t fall apart
  • Excellent for embroidery
  • etc…


  • Single woven cotton tape custom made for each type of black belt to satisfy all demands: Medium, Extra thick, Deluxe, Natural silk, Master etc…


  • Arawaza belts make great presents when embroidered!
    Note: if you are planning to have a lot of embroidery on your belt you should allow extra length to accommodate it. Nothing looks worse than beautiful embroidery that disappears into the belt knot.


  • Looks even better when aged and doesn’t easily come undone…

Although they might look alike, there is a big difference between Arawaza black belts and other brands. Most of the black belts, on today’s market, are filled with different types of fabrics to obtain the necessary thickness. Their construction makes that they easily come undone in a short period of time.

The inner core of most other brands is made with two or three layers of feeling, cotton fabrics or a mix of different fabrics. Some are even made with the same cover fabric wrapped in multiple layers

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1 / 240cm, 2 / 250cm, 3 / 260cm, 4 / 270cm, 5 / 290cm, 6 / 310cm, 7 / 330cm


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